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  • C2 7-14Mpa Cylinder
    Bore size: φ40-φ200;
    Barrel material: 304 steel/20# carbon steel
    Working medium: clean hydraulic oil;
    Working pressure range: 0.8-14Mpa;
    Temperature range: -10℃ to 60℃;
    Speed range: 0-300mm/s;
    Piston length (PM): 30-4000mm;

    HOB Heavy Duty
    Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
    Standard model. Low cost, can be completely disassembled for service and repair

    RO Small Round Hydraulic Cylinders
    Minimum bore diameter should be 20mm. Less space required for installation.

    CX Compact Hydraulic Cylinders
    The total length of cylinder is half, compared to tie rod hydraulic cylinders of the same stroke.


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